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The Shawl - Psychology portraits...

"I do not mean that the expression portrait painter is not a job, but I think the expression on his face only a means to achieve psychology to achieve the contents of the portrait. The way to figure composed, as he understood drawing and color, has a crucial role for psychological value image ..."( Mica Popovic)

Through an interest in the classical approach to drawing and painting, to maybe a little more modern way, with different materials upotrbu, my idea was that, using that time as well as other components, to conjure up the experience and psychology of people who are on portraits.

Crude and bright colors, which is very close to me as an artistic expression, in this case used for the purpose of expressing the intensity of emotions that people, important to emphasize, are not bystanders in my life, but my closest, my everyday life. Favorite scarf that runs through drawings and paintings, as a symbol of something precious to me / it should show my connection to these people.

This is the beginning of a series of pictures of my future research that deals with the portrait on Human and figuration, the way the character is experiencing on Human and presents. Expressed itself carries a series of note intimism and introductory elements as elaborate expressive, unrestrained gestures and razbuktalog coloring.

Blonde Ambition

This series of papers, combined techniques of drawing and painting (acrylic, autosprejevi, colored pencils, markers and collage) on paper, is an integral part of a complex story based on her art and pop idols. My interest in popular art comes from one of the "fathers" Pop Art, Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol). His appearance is not only interesting to me in the personalities of painters, but also as the emergence of "stars" in the field of visual arts.

This led me to engage in research concerning the notion of "stars", ie. celebrities, and all individuals that have marked the popular art of more contemporary times. Consequently, the singer Madonna, who is, in my opinion the biggest pop icons of our time, established itself as the perfect choice from which I draw the life and work data, and find inspiration for this series of images.

The very name of the series "Blonde Ambition" is actually the name of Madonna's world tour took place 1990th year, which marked the peak of her career and since then it is at all times be located at the top. Blonde Ambi-tion (blue ambition) is in some respects the most appropriate term that could be characterized her whole personality and everything that has so far achieved.

This group of papers explore Madonna's creativity through its many transformations and is based mainly on the analysis of portraits during her 23 years of active work and appearances in the media pit. Controversial, provocative and shocking, vulgar and sometimes on the edge of bad taste, but always different and new, Madonna was his constant changes created an entire philosophy. Each transformation of her character brings with it a story.

Following her portrait of the different phases, I paid attention to facial expressions and psiholigiju individual. The intense color as an important component, helps me explication of the general coloration of the scene and the atmosphere that prevails at the same time emphasizes the mime and movement.

The similarity with the procedure Vorholovim work in collage (the use of printed parts and repetition) was intentional. It represents a kind of replica of his productions and my omazoboma umetnicimajer Madonna as a pop icon of his time, deserved "Vorholovski portrait." I, always, that Vorholovskim Madonna portraits, serving at the same time repeating his system-power sources, and portrays himself.

My pictures have overt overtones of posters, which, with the help of add typography, inspired by Madonna's creative work, just to emphasize the character of my poetics based on widespread media world and what the average viewer is surrounded by every day, not to diminish the artistry of these works because they are , at the core, traditionally constructed images using classic materials.

Video Killed the Radio Star

1981st "Video Killed the Radio Star" (The Buggles) was the first music video aired on, then, only lansiranoj cable television station MTV (MTV Music Television), which will be started in a new era in the history of music and mass media. Visual experience, offering music videos as the main program of MTV, will eventually evolve into an ever richer content and will become a major manufacturer of new media of widespread water production - music stars, whose scale will become so large and dominant that essentially indicates the nature of musical industry today. As a haven of big Hollywood movie stars, so the powerful influence of MTV and TV screens to ground was crucial in the recognition that these new icons and our time. It is this phenomenon of pop music made by 80-year deals with this series of images through the prism of pop art painting.

As the most important thesis of the presentation of pop art as the art direction is taken that the pop image shows the relationship between society and mass media. Pop art is magic, and through media images pop artists want to show that the media have become an important and inevitable part of reality that is radically changed our mind and perception, our sense of value, and the relationship to the world and ourselves. Pop artist accepts his environment and at the same time does not criticize him or glorified, just watching. They are often referred to as what is in the pictures "of their landscapes," which indicates that subjects in the picture were not elected because of some formal qualities, but because opsteprisutni in everyday surroundings, and they paint what they see.

In this context, my paintings is a portrait seen as a mistake, because their essence is not to be hit or psychology of the character models - which is often the essence of the portrait. I am in this picture only adds to the idea of ??an indifferent pop art and realistic picture of a real time through the play provided by a television screen. My models are TV screens (like the Richter (Richter) used a photograph for capturing reality in his paintings) and "products" of media that I was bombarded from an early age. In order that the probability of this picture-worthy scene to mimic the TV, using, in addition to traditional painting techniques (oil on canvas), and autosprejevima to obtain grain structure that mimics the pixels on the screen. I picture format should be associated with TV screens kockastih format, often represented in the homes of 80-ies. Coloring the pictures is fresh and cheerful, light and color in accordance with video clips from the period in which they occur.

These images reflect the pop Arto and, in their liveliness and authenticity, see the spirit of 80's. My intention with this series of paintings is to become a link in the chain of production, where I am, of the existing water production, processed many times in different ways, developed a new and in their own way.

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